A man on his own but brave, a close family. A willing and well-prepared descent knew how to develop, during four generations, a historical firm for the artisan tradition: more than 100 years oh history have made of Bulgheroni company, the interlocutor of prestigious architects and the perfect partner for the completion of their works and projects.

Bulgheroni company was born in Olgiate Comasco in 1900 thanks to Adolfo Bulgheroni (1870) who left his precious job as maintainer in a historical textile company to undertake the difficult job as blacksmith in a period in which agriculture was still the main activity where everything was handmade with love and passion.

The great experience, resource fulness and founder ability took the activity to build, in a few years, gates, parapets, railings, frames and their additional processes both for private and construction companies, as well as industrial routine maintenance in many plants, born in the area in the meantime.

On the eve of World War I, the business can be said by then, at full stretch. In that period, Adolfo’s son, Gerardo,(1900) comes into the company, with a qualification as mechanical designer obtained at the historical school of art and crafts, “Castellini” in Como. Gerardo comes abreast of his father during the difficult war years, remaining in the factory for more than 80 years up to a few weeks before his passing.

In the 30s, Gerardo takes tightly in his hands his father’s business buying all the new machinery offered by the most advanced technology at that time, such as a parallel lathe, a vertical milling cutter, an electrical mallet for wrought iron, a different hacksaw and one of the first electric welder developing the planning design and the art of the wrought iron at the same time.

In 1955, Gerardo continues the activity on his own, managing the machine shop that counted eight workers as: the lathe turner, the miller, the tinsmith, the carpenter and the smith.

In 1967, Bulgheroni’s third generation enters the firm: the son Franco comes abreast of his father Gerardo. After technical studies and a brief experience in an engineering company, Franco brings new ideas, first of all, the stainless steel processing (at that time only few companies knew the processing secrets) and the project engineering with the design achievement on the drafting machine.

At the beginning of 70s, the historical company seat expands up to 500 cubic meters and buys the first hydraulic machines for the sheet metal processing such as shears and benders that allow to work metal sheets 3 meters long and 6 millimeters wide.

The 80s are characterized by a further evolution, thanks to the cooperation of the architect Renato Conti from Como, who leads to realization of heavy carpentry works and metal architecture in renovations of important buildings in Como, Venezia, Appiano Gentile and Bormio.

In 1987, Franco’s son, Francesco (1968), a mechanical expert, enters the company and the growth continues with further investments and the building of the new workshop: over 1000 cubic meters that, nowadays, it is still the company seat. The steel frames testing and production starts, with new profiles with Forster and Jansen gaskets and surface treatments of steel. Treatments such as sandblasting, etching pickling and passivation begin to be tested.

The 90s open with metal architecture projects, increasingly complex, which requires a radical replacement of all equipments and leading Bulgheroni workshop to beone of the most technically advanced for the processing of iron, stainless steel, copper, by means of machines with software engineer programmers Cad/Cam and all the works design, with software Autocad 3D.

In the 2000s, the activity is increasingly directed towards the construction of manufactured products for metal architecture, and particularly thanks to the cooperation of the architects Balzarotti and Brambilla, from Como, some works were carried out, such as part of the metal building, Via Pessina in Como, part of steel frames of Villa Sucota, Ratti foundation in Cernobbio, the gates around Villa Grumello( CCIA property), the iron works for the new seat of Parco Del Lura in Caslino al Piano, work which allows to abtain the important architecture prize Maestri Comacini in cooperation with the architects Corrado, Tagliabue from Cantù and Paolo Brambilla from Como, a metal structure is being carried out to contain the new architecture laboratory Radice and Tagliabue within the space old mill, via General Cantone in Cantù.

Today after more than 100 years, the staff has 11 employees and the company shows no signs of effort, on the contrary, Bulgheroni fourth generation consolidates the family tradition and raises the company towards new and more important goals, one of those agreed with the creation of a new machine shop covering with a system of 20 KW, emphasizing, once again, the company’s attention to environment issues and technological development.