Steel Corten

STEEL CORTEN PROCESSING | From the past, the steel of the future!
Cor-Ten, is a special high-resistant, self-passivating alloy, which contains cooper, chromium and phosphor, and which, has remarkable resistance to corrosion (COR-rosion) and tensile yield (TEN-sile). A proper characteristic of Cor-ten is oxidation when in contact with the air, which, instead of continuing to erode the material, stops, and creates a protective coating that does not change over time. These properties allow its use even in situations that are particularly corrosive or critical, as evidenced by the wide use made in architecture for buildings and outdoor sculptures as well as industrial applications such as scaffolding bridges, guard-rails and containers.
The Rust finish Cor-ten is due to its natural oxidation process, which can last from one to four years, in which there may be chalking, and creates a coating with an extraordinary aesthetic aspect which remains unchanged for decades.