Stainless Steel

Sharp as a light, stainless steel is the noblest metal which provides maximum performance of strength, protection from external agents and recyclability. Strong, eternal, beautiful, it allows to simplify the structural frames, to handle the space and light with no limits, in complete safety.
Stainless steel is an iron alloy containing chromium, nickel and molybdenum, discovered in 1913 by the English Harry Brearly has the property of not rusting when exposed to the atmosphere. Therefore, varying the alloy components we can produce over 100 different types of stainless steel, each with different mechanical and corrosion resistance properties, which can meet the various production needs of our industrial society. In addition to its structural properties, stainless steel can be made with several types of finishes, shiny or dull. Many different properties that allow you to create more suitable aesthetic values for every type of environment and have brought stainless steel to the fore of modern architecture.