From the past, the future steel from 110 years of experience and innovative spirit of Bulgheroni, STEELCOR-A was created, COR-TEN steel cladding for interior and exterior environments, perfect for curtain walls construction, furniture and architectural elements, doors and windows.

What’s Steelcore-A?
Steel panels corten, type A, composed of a special high strength alloy, autopassivante, containing cooper, chromium, phosphorus, which has remarkable performance of corrosion resistance (cor-rosion) and tensile (ten-sile). Characteristic of the Cor-ten is oxidation on contact with air instead of continuing to erode the material, it stops, forming a protective layer in case of damage, self-regenerate. The surface finish of Cor-ten process is given by the natural oxidation which can last from 1 to 4 years, creating a coating with an extraordinary appearance which remains unchanged for decades. The surface of STEELCORE-A is treated with a controlled and accelerated oxidation and passivation. Following this treatment during exposure to different aether conditions, we will cover the plate with a protective brown film, with the aesthetic nuances that characterize each element in a different way. The surface finish, in available without waxing clearer, darker, with waxing.

Chemical composition
Corten A-Fe510X according to UNI EN 10149 (Corten A for architecture):
C max 0,12%; Si 0,25-0,75%; Mn 0,20-0,50; P 0,07-0,15%; Cu 0,25-0,55%; Cr 0,30-1,25%; Ni max 0,65%, S max 0,035%

Physical and mechanical characteristics:
• Modulus of elasticity: E = 19.600 / 21.000 Kg/mmq
• Tensile strength RM Kg/mmq >= 49
• RS Yield kg/mmq >= 35
• Extension linearly between -46°C e 65°C: 0,000017
• Fire reaction: Class 0 (non – combustible)

STEELCOR-A is made of COR-TEN steel plates type A and is beneficial peche:
RESISTANT: is a material with high mechanical strength, and higher performance for smaller thicknesses
ETERNAL: it has a corrosion resistance ten times greater than that of carbon steels
MAINTENANCE: Once installed requires no maintenance
ECOLOGY: 100% recyclable
WORK: we can obtain from any kind of working ,sheet metal ,without any constraint except that derived from the size of the original coil.